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TailorGeorge allows you to adjust the 12 measurements on your shirt, in order to obtain a perfect fit for your body shape.

These adjustments can be made from your first order, in order to ensure a perfect fit from the first shirt you receive. You can also modify your profile over subsequent orders in order to adjust to any changes to your body shape over time.


The collar is the main visible element on a shirt. A well-tailored collar is a sign of elegance and also comfort.

You can adjust your neck size to the nearest ½ cm.

Left sleeve and right sleeve

This is a persistent problem with prêt-à-porter shirts: finding the right sleeve length. With TailorGeorge this is a measurement that is easy to adjust.

You can adjust your sleeve length to the nearest ½ cm.

Right cuff and left cuff

Well-fitting cuffs ensure comfort. In particular, you can specify a different size on the left or right cuff, depending on the side you wear your watch.

You can adjust the cuff size to the nearest ½ cm.

Armhole width

The adjustment of the width of the armhole, that is the sleeve at the underarm, allows you to gain additional comfort under the arms if you wish, or to define your figure by opting for slimmer sleeves.

You can adjust your armhole width to the nearest ½ cm.

Sleeve width at bicep

If you prefer a more modern shirt fit, you will particularly appreciate this adjustment, which allows you to refine your sleeves and show off your arm profile. You can also use this adjustment if you have “big arms” to ensure your sleeves are not too tight.

You can adjust the sleeve width at the biceps to the nearest ½ cm.

Shoulder width

This measurement is essential because it will dictate how your figure looks. You immediately notice a good shirt cut when the shoulders fit well. Many people find, when wearing prêt-à-porter shirts, that the shoulders “fall”. For any given size, the shoulder width can vary by several centimetres! Benefit from this alteration therefore to ensure your shirt fits your shoulders well.

You can adjust the shoulder width of your shirt to the nearest ½ cm.

Chest width

You can adjust the chest width to achieve the best balance between cut and comfort. An ideal chest width ensures that there are not too many folds of fabric at the pectoral muscles, but still allows free movements.

You can adjust the half-chest width of your shirt to the nearest cm.

Waist circumference

This is the holy grail for those wanting a slim cut. This measurement is also very useful when, over the years, you gain a little weight! A regular adjustment of this measurement allow you to always ensure that shirts continue to be well tailored for your figure, over the years.

You can adjust the half-waist width of your shirt to the nearest cm.

Hip circumference

The hip circumference refers to the width of your shirt's hemline. It is possible that your figure will have an effect on this measurement (for example, if you have wide hips). You can also adjust this hip measurement to obtain a straighter cut, reducing the quantity of fabric in the lower part of your shirt.

You can adjust the hip width of your shirt to the nearest cm.

Shirt length

This measurement is a matter of taste above all. You can vary this measurement from order to order, depending on the purpose of your shirts. A relaxed shirt worn untucked will be shorter, while a formal shirt, worn tucked in requires more length.

You can adjust your shirt length to the nearest cm.

Some of these measurements are not requested on your first order: our algorithm adjusts these measurements according to your body shape. You can then modify them during your subsequent orders or if you request alterations on your first shirt.