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TailorGeorge offers a wide range of style options to create your ideal bespoke shirt.

Depending on the fabric, the collar shape, or simply the cut you select, your bespoke shirt will have the style that you choose!

If you are uncertain of bespoke fashion guidelines, this little guide is for you.

Formal, relaxed, elegant, city slicker, all-purpose, sporty or on-trend, TailorGeorge allows you to imagine the shirt of your dreams.

"Each moment has its own shirt!"is one of our team mottos. An important meeting for your career? Your daughter's wedding? A weekend in the mountains?

Depending on the seasons and your needs, we have brought together 200 fabrics and more than 10 categories of customisable options.

The two critical elements for the style of a shirt are above all the fabric and the collar. To choose your shirt fabric, go to the section “How to choose your fabric”. ».

The other elements that make up your shirt will confirm and refine the style you have chosen.


The collar is therefore a determining element for the style of your shirt.

At TailorGeorge we offer around 30 different collars, from the more traditional to the trendier style.

For a formal, traditional shirt, don't hesitate to select one of our buttoned collars. Ideal with a suit and tie, or just with a smart jacket, your shirt will have an understated, timeless look.

If you want to opt for a more modern look, with a stylish character, our collars without points: mandarin, officer, Indian or inverted, will give your bespoke shirt a sophisticated look.

Need a contemporary shirt, on-trend, urban and fashionable? Discover our selection of small collars for a casual, minimalist look.

Finally, for important occasions, we have a wing collar, ideal for a shirt to wear with a dinner suit.


There are two main categories of cuffs: plain buttoned cuffs and musketeer cuffs that need cuff links.

If you prefer simplicity and are looking for a shirt you can pull on quickly, choose button cuffs of course.

If you are looking for a dressy, elegant shirt, don't hesitate to opt for musketeer cuffs, allowing you to add a discrete twist with your cuff links!


Short-sleeved shirts are very pleasant to wear when temperatures increase in the summer. Luckily, they have also been very fashionable for several years, so there's no point in depriving yourself!

Do you have summer holidays planned? Are we expecting a heat wave in May? Don't hesitate to opt for the all-purpose short-sleeved shirt. Choose one of our references in linen if you wear a traditional style, or a printed poplin for a trendier look.


Adding one or two pockets to your bespoke shirt is one of the many customisation options available on our platform. Your pocket can be square, rounded, with a flap, or in a “western” style.

Adding one or two pockets to your shirt will give a relaxed touch to your look. It is ideal therefore for the creation of a trendy, casual or even outdoor shirt.
For your formal shirts, you can add a plain pocket for practical reasons. On the other hand, this is not recommended for dress shirts.


Our platform allows you to choose the style of the back of the shirt, with or without pleats.
The main advantage of pleats in the back is to provide additional comfort for certain movements. They can also provide an aesthetic element to the shirt.

The central pleat, called a “box pleat” by connoisseurs, is made up of a pleat at the middle of the back. This pleat gives a sports wear look to your shirt.

Side pleats are two flat pleats located at the shoulder blades. These pleats will provide a more formal touch, a chic look to your shirt. Ideal for a shirt worn for a formal occasion.

The option of a back without pleats is ideal for close-fitting, modern cuts.


With TailorGeorge you can also choose the shape of the hemline of your shirt.
Most shirts have a rounded hemline. This hemline provides various advantages: it allows you to tuck the shirt in or leave it untucked, it provides an aesthetic, the back hem is a little longer than the front one, to help you bend without the shirt untucking.


Fancy a touch of colour? A little discreet detail to add spice to your shirt?
Choose coloured buttons and button holes for a subtle, refined look. TailorGeorge has a catalogue of fifteen different colours!


We have implemented a high-quality embroidery system for our customers who want to make their shirt unique. Don't hesitate to embroider your initials, we have a colour chart with twenty colours available!


Yes, why not? At TailorGeorge we like to think of all styles. Today, for a look that is authentic, retro and on-trend, don't hesitate to add tone-on-tone epaulettes. This detail will complete the casual look of your shirt!