Workshop information: your shirts are made and delivered to the usual deadlines.


1- Receipt of your order and checking process

Your order is received by our customer support team once you click submit on our website.

An initial check is carried out to ensure that all the elements that make up your order are valid, especially the choice of style options, the presence of measurements and the delivery address.

2- Analysis of your measurements and pattern creation

Your measurements are checked by our customer support in order to ensure that they make sense. If necessary, you are contacted at this stage in order to check certain measurements or perhaps confirm the modifications you require to measurements.

Our team will then continue to the patterning of your shirts, according to the measurements and style options chosen. For this stage, we use Gerber patterning tools. If you are a new customer, this stage generally takes longer, since we have to create a new pattern from scratch without using previous orders.

3- Cut and preparation

Once your pattern is complete, we prepare your shirt fabric and begin cutting the different elements of your shirt. Each piece is then marked.

4- Shirt manufacture

The manufacture of your shirts is divided into several specific operations, each requiring specialist tailors: assembling the collar and cuffs, assembling the different parts of the shirt (sleeves, collar, back panel, etc.), making the button holes and attaching the buttons... in total there are more than 30 operations to complete the creation of your shirt.

5- Embroidery

While your shirt is being assembled, a tailor will embroider your initials, according to the chosen placement, colour and style.

6- Verification

Before the final operations of folding and ironing, an overall check is made in order to verify that your shirt matches your order specifications: collar type, collar flexibility, chosen cuffs, thread colours, monogram, contrasting fabric: each detail is closely checked.

7- Ironing and folding

High pressure ironing is carried out on your shirt, in order to flatten the fibres, before it is folded.

8- Packing and sending

All the shirts in your order are packaged in the appropriate packaging and a delivery note is drawn up, using the delivery details you saved in your customer account. As soon as the package arrives at the sorting office, you will receive an email notification with a tracking number.

All these stages take 7 to 10 working days, depending on the checks that are necessary.