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TailorGeorge provides simple and effective methods to obtain shirts that are perfectly adjusted to your measurements. Our patterning system, based on your dimensions, is unique and has been proven accurate over the past ten years. TailorGeorge is one of the leading online bespoke shirt manufacturers.

Our statistics show that the first shirt provides satisfaction in over 90% of cases. And our "free alterations" guarantee allows you to be 100% certain of obtaining a shirt that is perfectly tailored.

There are several methods of obtaining the perfect shirt with TailorGeorge. Whatever method is used, you will achieve the same perfect result.

You're in a hurry: the quick method

If you are busy and don't have enough time to take your measurements (or you cannot do it), we advise you to use our quick measure method.

This method allows you to choose a shirt size from 15 different sizes, 5 sleeve lengths, 5 shirt lengths, 3 cuts and to adjust the waist circumference and the collar to the nearest cm... so there are hundreds of adjustment possibilities for your shirt.

You will be sure to find the measurements that suit you perfectly.

Your usual size:

You can select your usual shirt size: M, M+, L, L+, etc.
Select the size that you usually buy in prêt-à-porter stores.

The cut:

Traditional, slim or extra slim, we offer 3 types of different fit to suit all tastes.

The collar

You can adjust the dimension of the shirt collar. For example, if on a size L, the collar is generally 42cm, you can increase or reduce this to obtain the most comfortable measurement for you.

Waist circumference:

You can adjust your waist circumference to the nearest cm. Practical if you are looking for a slim look or if, on the other hand, you put on some weight over time.

The sleeves

Choose from 5 different sleeve lengths to be sure to obtain sleeves that fit the length of your arms perfectly.

The shirt length

Choose from 5 shirt lengths depending on your height or the purpose of your shirt.

How to use the fast measurement process to obtain a perfectly tailored shirt

If you are not sure which part to adjust, simply begin with standard measurements (your usual size with a prêt-à-porter shirt), without adjusting the collar, or the sleeves, etc. Then progressively modify your measurements with subsequent orders or use our “free adjustments” guarantee to refine the measurements to achieve the perfect fit.

Have you already got a shirt that fits you perfectly? Measure this shirt.

If, in your wardrobe, you have a shirt that is a perfect fit (or almost a perfect fit), take a flexible measuring tape and measure this shirt, following our instructions.
You can also take the opportunity to adjust certain measurements.

If you don't have a shirt that fits you well: measure yourself.

This is the traditional method of obtaining a bespoke shirt. Use a flexible measuring tape and get someone to help with taking measurements at 10 points, following our instructions. Don't worry: these measurements are very simple to do at home and give an excellent result.