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Choosing your shirt is above all about choosing your fabric!

TailorGeorge offers a catalogue of more than 200 different fabrics and eclectic styles, which is continually being refreshed.

Are you traditional? Or more conscious of trends? Do you like fashion? Or do you hate fashion? Whatever your taste, here is a little guide to help you find your way and make an appropriate choice, according to your needs.


Depending on the situation, the season, even the time of day when you will wear your shirt, there are some rules to follow.

You need a traditional or formal shirt.

You need traditional shirts to wear under a suit jacket for stress-free business attire. In this case, poplin, end-on-end, pinpoint or Oxford would be perfectly suited.

Depending on your taste and the season, choose the ideal fabric. Poplin is the most used shirt fabric: it can be worn in all circumstances. Oxford is a thicker, and slightly less formal, fabric. Pinpoint is the perfect midpoint between poplin and Oxford.

You need an elegant, refined shirt

For elegant shirts, even formal shirts, we suggest you choose a more sophisticated weave such as twill or herringbone. These bring a subtle, smart look and often have elegant reflections in the fabric. Poplin will give you an understated, smart look for all occasions.

You want a more informal, relaxed shirt.

For casual or sporty shirts, most choices are based around more flexible fabrics, such as linen, seersucker or chambray for spring and summer and Oxford, denim or flannel for the autumn and winter.


We have catalogued our fabric collection by 5 different thicknesses of shirt fabrics. These 5 levels cover all the possible thicknesses: from the finest shirt (silk or voile fabrics) to the thickest (American Oxford or flannel for an over-shirt).

Level 5 - Very thick

épaisseur de tissu 1

Level 5 - Very thick
Refers to very thick fabrics, often appreciated in cold weather, or for over-shirts. Here you'll find mainly American Oxfords, known for their robustness and authenticity, and some cotton flannels, very much appreciated when worn as an over-shirt, for example.

Level 4 - Thick

épaisseur de tissu 2

Level 4 - Thick
This means relatively thick fabrics. In this category are especially softer Oxfords or certain lighter flannels, ideal for the creation of sporty or outdoor shirts.

Level 3 - Medium

épaisseur de tissu 3

Level 3 - Medium
This means medium thickness fabric. In this category of weave can be found twills and herringbones, very much appreciated for dress shirts, thanks to their good performance. Pinpoint is also in this category and very much appreciated for its versatility.

Level 2 - Light

épaisseur de tissu 4

Level 2 - Light
This means fine and soft shirts, such as poplin or end-on-end weave. This is the thickness that is most used for the manufacture of formal or business shirts. This weave is much appreciated because it is pleasant to wear under a jacket. There are also summer linens in this group, which are soft and breathable.

Level 1 - Very light

épaisseur de tissu 5

Level 1 - Very light
This means very thin fabrics, such as cotton voile or certain summery poplins. Be aware that these fabrics can often be transparent in the case of lighter colours.